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What Sets Us Apart

Our Founder and Chief Acceleration Officer, Alan Stein, has over 26 years of experience at some of the world’s largest tech companies. During that tenure, he reviewed more than 10K resumes, interviewed more than 2K candidates, and hired several hundred talented individuals. In addition, as a candidate himself, he has interviewed at hundreds of companies for thousands of jobs, including at virtually every top tech company! This gives Kadima clients an edge when they’re up against the biased, opaque, and intimidating recruiting process at these companies.

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Kadima is on a mission to accelerate 1 million careers by 2040. To do that, we’re developing a course that anyone in the world can access at any time to learn our Job Acquisition Method (JAM)! 

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kJAM Course
"Throughout my career as a global leader, I always took a personal interest in attracting, growing, and retaining talented people. I came to realize that no matter one’s background, with the right guidance and opportunity, people have infinite potential."

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The Podcast

Your career is like driving a car. You need to take control of the steering wheel. The Steer Your Career by Kadima (SYCK) Podcast shares stories, advice, and insights from people that have taken proactive control of their career. Our diverse guests discuss obstacles they’ve encountered, actions they took, and learnings they’ve gleaned throughout their journey. We share their stories with you so you can learn to confidently steer your career!

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Mercy Y. Gituro

Mercy Y. G.

“Alan’s powerful combination of people skills & business expertise allows him to provide the best coaching, advice, solid feedback, accountability, new creative ideas & always the most positive support & encouragement. Alan’s passion, work, & honesty to genuinely empower others to get the best out of their careers, to constantly grow professionally is a significant asset. He is simply the best.”

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Molly K.

“I had the distinct pleasure of partnering with Alan when I was the Recruiter hiring for a few roles on his team at Tableau/Salesforce. Alan is a champion recruiting partner when it comes to diverse, fair, and equitable hiring.”
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Ryan R.

“Alan’s knowledge about the industry clearly showed by the way he walked me through the whole journey of landing a competitive job posting. He has the components and insight to get clients to their goals. I highly recommend Alan as a person to elevate oneself.”

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