Ep 33: Coaching as a tool to accelerate your career: An Interview with Leadership Coach Bonnie Davis

Bonnie Davis, a partner at HuWork, is here today to discuss facilitating workplaces where employees are valued and excel, and businesses thrive. Bonnie shares her views on the importance of career coaching for all levels of management. Her passion is to develop leaders and those they lead and to enhance the “people side” of organizations. If you are a manager, employee, or seeking work, there are valuable tips you will not want to miss. Join us today for this thought-provoking discussion.

Ep 32: How to take control of your career: An interview with talent strategist Tori Stevens

Tori Stevens, the founder of EvolYOUtion, helps clients step into their power to go after their careers. She gives tips about building relationships with those who can help you in the future. In today’s episode, she talks about creating a life of intention and finding a job with the end goal in mind. Tune in today to learn how to create a legacy and take control of your situation.

Ep 31: Creating a Career with Intention: An interview with Ricky Robinson

Today we are joined by Ricky Robinson to discuss chasing your dream career and how to make moves that fit with your plan. Ricky talks to us about intentionality when considering where you want to go with your job. We dive into the 2-year rule of thumb and how to know when it’s time to make the next move. We also touch on locking in your ideal role as a woman or BIPOC and what to look for when interviewing with a company. Tune in today for great tips about creating your ultimate career trajectory.

Ep 29 Helping the Under-represented with Advice to Overperform: an interview with Keith Powell

Keith Powell is the COO of an educational institution with over 20 years of corporate experience. He is passionate about helping under-represented employees succeed and coaches individuals on his platform, C-CRETS. On today’s episode, Keith talks with Alan about being a black executive in the tech world. He shares his career journey, gives advice on steps to take for career advancement, and offers valuable input on promotions and career changes. You don’t want to miss this episode!

Ep 28- Interviewing in Tech as a Nontraditional Candidate: An Interview with Interviewing.io’s Aline Lerner

Aline Lerner is the founder and CEO of Interveiwing.io. She works with software engineers and other professionals, helping them practice interviews (especially technical), giving feedback, and providing mentorship. The two big hurdles to finding a job are getting your foot in the door and doing well in the interview to land the job. Aline discusses the main biases of hiring and how to fight those biases. Tune in to learn how you can prep for your next interview.

Ep 27- SYCK Tricks to Succeed at Google: An Interview with Viktoriya Masand

Viktoriya Massand has spent the last decade-plus working at Google and earning promotions. She is known for her willingness to roll up her sleeves and get work done with a great attitude. On today’s episode, Viktoriya recalls her time working with Alan. They discuss promotions, their mutual love for Google, and company reorganizations. Tune in to hear interview tips, ideal candidate qualities, and lessons Viktoriya has learned along the way.

Ep 26: Self Awareness in Your Career: An Interview with Nirupa Umapathy

Nirupa Umapathy spent years on the trading floor and working for Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Now, she subscribes to a different work model but continues to invest. She is her own boss and is working for equitable social change by founding Salons For Life. Nirupa recalls her journey, enforces the value of networking, and explains what recruiters are looking for. Tune in as she shares financial and career advice to increase your career happiness.

Ep 25- Taking Career Opportunities That Come Your Way: An Interview with Dennis Schultz

Dennis Shultz has played a role at multiple big tech giants for more than 25 years. From Rackspace, Samsung, and Dell to his current role at Microsoft, he has taken many career opportunities that have come his way. Another significant role that Dennis plays is the Executive Director for Blacks in Technology. Today, Alan and Dennis discuss career changes, lessons learned, and how being black impacted Dennis in these big-tech roles. Tune in as Dennis shares advice from his experiences.

Ep 24:The Meaning of Mentorship: An Interview with LaToya Jordan

LaToya Jordan has used her passion for developing others in roles such as Global Mentoring and Employment Development at Pfizer as well as Director of Talent Management and Diversity at JetBlue Airways. As founder of Lead By Design Lab, she continues to work with huge names. In this episode, she shares the importance of having mentors, how being a black woman impacted her in her role, and insight into corporate performance-rating systems. Listen in as LaToya gives advice on how to accelerate career advancement.