In my post Why You’re Absolutely NOT Underqualified To Work At Google, I promised to share how the hell this first generation college grad got into Google with no tech background (and virtually no contacts.)

It’s one thing to have a dream company in mind, but if you don’t know how to navigate the landmines, the dream never becomes a reality.

I thought I was nervous after my conversation with Punit (Google’s recruiter) on February 25, 2011. Those two days of not knowing if I passed felt like an agonizing expanse of time.


I’ve actually seen so many coaches touting hard work as the engine of a successful job search that I want to share my own (rather different) take on the matter.
If one phrase captures what Kadima stands for, it’s “accelerate your career.” Yet, recently, it struck me that nowhere have I spelled out what that even means.
Back in the 1600’s, when there were maybe four or five jobs in all of society, no one needed much help picking one, learning it, and doing it.