Kadima Careers & Blacks In Technology Co-Sponsor Six Career Acceleration Scholarships Worth $10,000 Each

Nov 18, 2022, 7:00AM ET
BROOKLYN, November 18th, 2022 –– Are you interested in radically leveling the playing field for underestimated talent in tech? Alan Stein has made it his life’s work. A veteran tech leader, Columbia Business School graduate, and winner of Google’s Manager Of The Year award, Alan increased team diversity from 40% to 86% at Facebook. He also increased diversity from 20% to 33% in his first year at Salesforce. 
In 2021, Alan left his half-million-dollar job at Salesforce to start Kadima: a career accelerator for those held back by systemic racism, sexism, and other biases at work. His private clients include Women, Black, Latinx, Indigenous, Multiracial, LGBTQ+, People with Disabilities, Veterans, and the intersectionality among these groups. (As well as, Alan chuckles, “white dudes” like himself.)

His mission is to accelerate 1 million careers by 2040. By the latest count, he’s accelerated more than 3,000 careers and helped his clients secure $3,849,035 in additional compensation.
In Kadima’s personalized coaching program, Alan works closely with candidates to get them hired at the world’s most attractive companies (including Google, Apple, Microsoft, Spotify, Salesforce, Meta, Johnson & Johnson, Unilever, and more.) On average, his clients secure new roles earning $109,972 in less than 4 months. 
At the heart of Kadima’s work is Alan’s GROWTH Framework –– a system he created to significantly increase the success probabilities of Fortune 500 and Big Tech job seekers. 
Earlier this year, Kadima partnered with Blacks In Technology to launch the Career Acceleration Scholarship Program. Three scholarships were awarded. The first recipient –– Maya Hicks –– doubled her compensation by obtaining a new job at a cybersecurity firm with Alan’s coaching.
“I didn’t know there were people”, Maya said, “who actually DO this –– who guide you through your career, who give advice and structure like Alan does. Coaching with him was unbelievable!”
On October 27th, at the Blacks In Technology conference in Orlando, Alan and BIT revealed a doubling of their partnership with six new career acceleration scholarships.
Each scholarship is worth $10,000 and available exclusively to BIT members. Winners receive six months of personalized coaching with Alan to land their next great job. 
“I’m a huge believer in BIT’s mission to broaden opportunity for Black people in tech”, Alan exclaimed.
“Nothing beats first hand knowledge”, said Dennis Schultz, BIT’s Executive DIrector. “Theories and speculation about the hiring process and what companies hire for is an unstable foundation to build your career on. Alan Stein's curated guidance through the process is invaluable for anyone looking to take their professional journey in tech to the next level.” 
On Thursday, November 17th, Alan hosted a live virtual event to officially open applications for the six new scholarships.
Applications are open until Sunday, November 20th for all BIT members and winners will be chosen and notified before December 1st. To find out about future opportunities, subscribe to our newsletter here.


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About Alan Stein
Alan Stein is the Founder & CEO of Kadima, whose mission is to accelerate 1 million careers by 2040. A graduate of Columbia Business School, Stein spent nearly 30 years as a successful leader at Google, Meta, Salesforce, Tableau, and American Express. He’s spoken at MIT, Columbia Business School, Sistas in Sales, and AnitaB.org. His private clients, on average, increase their annual compensation by $109,972 within 4 months. He lives in Brooklyn with his three occasionally communicative teenagers, two adorable cockapoos, three messy birds, and one phenomenally supportive wife.
Website: https://kadimacareers.com/